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Armageddon World is the largest and most complete weight loss fitness program on the market today. The most current fitness program on the market today is only 10 hours long, while Armageddon consists of 40 hours of workout dvds released in two phases, Armageddon Alpha Series and Armageddon Omega Series. Armageddon Alpha Series is designed to get you started and should take the beginner and intermediate athlete 3 months to complete. Upon completion of Armageddon Alpha Series,  Armageddon Omega Series is next.  It is the most brutal, gut-wrenching, amazing workout series that has ever been designed. You are gonna love it!

10 Highly Qualified Instructors

9 out of 10 of our instructors


Armageddon was designed specifically to counter the overwhelming amount of fads and gimmicks on the market by providing a realistic approach to weight loss and fitness, firmly riveted in serious hard science. Armageddon consists of 10 highly qualified instructors, including degreed scientists, champion athletes and fitness experts from multiple health and scientific disciplines all gathered under one roof to get you real sustainable results.



Fads, Gimmicks and Flawed Approaches

Let’s face it; there is an overwhelming amount of information on the market today about weight loss and fitness. A big part of the problem is understanding what pieces actually fit together and which pieces are just inefficient or useless.   Armageddon is a holistic approach to fitness.   We do not have one pill or one apparatus, one machine or one type of workout that will get you in shape.  We take all the complex knowledge and teach it in a way that makes it easy to understand with step by step instructions.

Misleading Testimonials

One thing that all successful fads and gimmicks have in common is amazing testimonial and commercials. These advertisements usually feature people in amazing shape, many speaking in their own words about how they used a particular product and how it completely worked for them. This kind of evidence is usually so convincing that you cannot reach into your wallet fast enough to purchase these programs.  However, to a trained eye, and under scrutiny we see that these people are either models, professional athletes, or did not follow the fad product instructions completely. Far too often, what you aren’t told is that there was additional hardworking science behind their weight loss.  When you dig deep enough, you will see that the fad played a very small roll in the results that most of these people achieved.  Therefore, it is unlikely that you will achieve similar results.

Anthon – PhD Physics – is a real scientist and is one of your Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness DVD instructors!


Extensive Research

Armageddon is an ongoing project. As science changes so does Armageddon. It took us 3 years to create Armageddon with contributions from numerous scientists, wellness and fitness experts including champion athletes and every day people. We did not want to put together another quick and easy fix that does not provide true sustainable results. We believe it’s about time that someone stepped up and  explained how you can actually achieve amazing weight loss and fitness results and teach you the science behind the results.


Progressive Phases of Fitness

Most fitness programs will claim to have beginner and intermediate workouts but most of these claims are after thoughts and just marketing pitches after they have already designed their products. Armageddon will take you through all phases of fitness.  We don’t take you to level 5 until you have finished levels 1-4.  Armageddon does a unique job of creating a program with exercises that are specifically designed to build on one another.  This helps prevent injury and ultimately will enable you to get in better shape than you ever thought possible.

Today your old world ends, welcome to your new world… Armageddon World!

Learn more about our Products