Mark - Before and After Armageddon Weight Loss - Best Weight Loss DVD for women and men - LOST OVER 100 POUNDS

Best weight loss DVD program

A few things that makes me angry – As you know, being in the weight loss fitness industry there are so many fads and gimmicks on the market that getting upset would be an hourly event. Therefore, in many cases I just simply ignore the misinformation and try to focus on speaking to the few people […]

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Heather Before and after - Armageddon Weight Loss - The best weight loss DVD for women and men

How I got my results

The Secret Behind My Weight Loss.Hey there! I am Heather, a Licensed Practical Nurse, owner of a professional Cleaning business and a professional writer of travel articles. I have been on the bulkier side of the weighing scale for a long time and despite my vigorous (almost to the point of being frantic) workouts as […]

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frustration weight loss

Why you are not losing weight

Why your weight loss program might be obsolete. Armageddon – Revolutionary Weight Loss and Fitness DVD Program! With time crunches and an increased desire to lose weight at home, people have moved towards home exercise DVD programs over the past few years. There are many programs available on the market that claims to offer weight […]

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How to Spot Fake Science

Fake Weight Loss Science Versus Real Weight Loss Science – Why it really matters.As the years go by, we are getting more and more clients coming forward with similar complaints. In the words of Mansas, one of our clients, “I have tried them all. I would lose a few pounds, but I would always gain […]

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Armageddon Weight Loss - The best weight loss DVD program for women

Weight Loss Tips

Most programs on the market offers fragmented one or few dimensional solutions.  These programs typically focus on diet or exercise or supplements or surgery as their solutions. In addition, there is an enormous lack of  evidence-based weight loss fitness science contained within many of these programs. A Lack of Evidence Based Science The market is currently […]

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handle-the-truth- Armageddon Weight Loss - The best weight loss DVD for women and men

The Best Weight Loss DVD Program

ARMAGEDDON WEIGHT LOSS FACTS Armageddon was developed to counteract the numerous fads, gimmick, and “pseudo-sciences” (fake or incomplete science) weight loss fitness program on the market. Armageddon means “The Final Battle”. This is our battle against fads and gimmicks. 1. Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness Program is the world’s largest workout DVD program – In addition […]

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Neuroscience and Weight Loss - Armageddon Weight Loss - The best weight loss DVD program for women and men- 2

Neuroscience and Weight Loss

Neuroscience is the study of the development, structure and function of the nervous system, with a special focus on the brain and its role in behavior and cognitive functions. Also referred to as Neural Science, Neuroscience seeks to understand not only how the nervous system functions normally, but also what goes wrong in neurodevelopmental, psychiatric […]

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