For the record, we are still now done with Sandy, but we wanted to give you hope that your injuries does not necessarily mean we cannot help you to get in shape.
sandra-powers-armageddon-weight-loss-program-best-weight-loss-dvd-for-women-best-exercise-program-for-people-suffering-from-joint-injuires-best-exercise-program-for-menopause-201Our guest today is Real Estate Coordinator – Sandra Powers – who is from California.  Who came to us with a bit frustrated. She said she tried so many programs. She would gain weight then lose weigh, then gain it all back again. You know the story. Sandy is pear shaped. Ladies you know what I mean.  She carries most of her weight in her lower half, and at 51 years old  she is in full blown menopause. A couple of years ago she was perfectly fine one day and then reached down and could not walk. She also has a bad ankle, cellulite and a muffin top. In addition to all that good stuff, Sandy works a full-time job. Oh I almost forgot, sandy was nervous to join a program because she had constant pain in the neck from a previous program she had tried before to lose weight.  Sandy said she has tried a variety of programs however it always seemed like she got injured in some fashion.sandra-powers-armageddon-weight-loss-program-best-weight-loss-dvd-for-women-best-exercise-program-for-people-suffering-from-joint-injuires-best-exercise-program-for-menopause-203