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Carlos – Lost 238.6 lbs – Won numerous gold medals in state and regional rowing championships and also competed in the International indoor rowing championships where he won 6th in the world!   He is currently training to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil and he has coached his daughter to set 2 world record in rowing . She earned the American and world record for heavyweight women 12 and under for a half-marathon on the erg, and also earned an American and world record for 12 and under women for a full marathon on the erg in 2013.  IT TAKES AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF KNOWLEDGE, SCIENCE AND EXPERIENCE TO GET SOMEONE TO LOSE 238 POUNDS. As you can imagine, weighing over 446 pounds is not a comfortable place. As a frequent flier Carlos ended up either flying first class, or using little tricks to make sure that there was always an empty middle seat next to him. “One time at a Mexican restaurant I had a chair literally explode under me in the middle of lunch”.


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Carlos before Armageddon Weight Loss Exercise Program - Check out his after pictureFor years he has endured many unfair stigmas about fat people including that they are just lazy, or that they are not as smart, and so much more. When you listen to Carlos you realize that the world can be a very cruel place for a very overweight person. Couple this with working a full time job and being the father of 5 children with two children under 3 years old at the time this video was created! Using the Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness Program, both Alpha and Omega Series, Carlos has transformed himself into the most amazing, powerful super-hero the world has ever seen! Yes, he is a super-hero to us! Carlos lost 238.6 pounds and is ripped. Not with drugs, not with a bunch of untested supplements, not with surgery, just Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness Science and hard work.

Not only did Carlos lose 238.6 pounds, Carlos became a ferocious athlete! You heard me, athlete! Carlos has competed with elite athletes including a former Olympian in regional and international indoor rowing competitions and has won gold in 2010 and 2011 in Georgia , Virginia, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee . He even went on to compete in the international championship in Boston in 2012 (C.R.A.S.H.-B. | World Indoor Rowing Championship) where he is now ranked 6th in the world! He even inspired his son to lose close to 50 pounds and became a competitive rower as well. Plus, his 11 year old daughter followed in her father’s foot step and just recently set a world record (13 miles on Erg  Machine).


Carlos - Lost 238 Pounds - Training for Olympics - Armageddon Weight Loss - Best weight loss DVD

Carlos – Lost 238 Pounds – Training for Olympics – Armageddon Weight Loss – Best weight loss DVD

We are truly impressed. Most of all, take a good look at Carlos physique. Not only did he lose weight, he looks very toned and lean! Anyone can lose weight but can you lose weight and look amazing doing it? Part of the reason why Bruce Wayne created Armageddon Weight Loss was because he got so sick and tired of the litany of misleading and one dimensional programs on the market.

Carlos Lost 238 Pounds, Training for Olympics, Armageddon Weight Loss - Best weight loss DVD,

Carlos Lost 238 Pounds, Training for Olympics, Armageddon Weight Loss – Best weight loss DVD,

Carlos - Before Armageddon Weight Loss Program The vast majority of these program typically use young fit people as their models even though most of them did not actually use the advertised program to achieve their results.  Plus, many times the participants/models featured in these videos attended fat camps which offered financial incentives.  So, If someone was paying you lots of money to lose weight wouldn’t you be more likely to do so? If they further provided a live in chef and trainers or took you away from your home to a Hollywood fitness compound wouldn’t you have a much better chance of losing weight? However, your results would not reflect everyday conditions for most people. This is why so many of these participants on weight loss TV shows end up gaining their weight back. They never really learned in the real world how to get to their goals. With Armageddon Weight Loss you will learn how to eat, exercise, and to balance all your real life responsibilities with being healthy.   The truth is, real lives are at stake and people need genuine help. Not just marketing gimmicks.