ALETH – 46 – MOTHER OF TWIN BOYS –  Results is just 8 1/2 WEEKS

I had a C-Section after giving birth to my twin boys. At 46, when I looked in the mirror I could see my muscles getting loose, my butt was drooping and the cellulite was making my legs look like cottage cheese. I own many of the popular weight loss programs and DVDs. They don’t work! I know this because being “Type A” personality I tend to follow instruction very well. The moment I started Armageddon Weight Loss Program I began to see real changes in my body.

Armageddon Weight Loss Program was created by a team of 22 doctors, scientists, fitness experts and champion athletes. My program was tailored just for me and came with a dietitian designed nutrition program, personalized cardio, an easy to follow exercise program, weight loss fitness science education and I had a coach that was there every step of my journey.My cellulite is gone, my butt is now tight and toned and my stomach looks amazing. AND… I finally learned how to keep my results for life.