Mary Pat Vetter BSN, RN – Is a nursing instructor in Toledo Ohio. As a nursing instructor Mary Pat along with her team, is responsible for teaching the next generation of nurses and is a go to resource with literally lives hanging in the balance based on the information she provides. So, when Mary Pat needed to lose weight and get in shape she wanted a program that was truly holistic and riveted in hard science. Not only did Mary Pat lose weight, she also recommended Armageddon to a whole team of nurses who are also now doing Armageddon Weight Loss and changing their lives. LISTEN TO MARY PAT’S BOMBSHELL RADIO SHOW INTERVIEW. IT IS PERHAPS ONE OF THE BEST INTERVIEWS WE HAVE EVER DONE. CLICK THE READ MORE BUTTON TO LISTEN. HERE IS THE LINK OR CLICK HERE

Mary Patt Vitter RN - Armageddon Weight Loss, best weight loss DVD for women over 50


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Mary Patt -and her Armageddon Weight Loss Team - Number 1 choice for nurses


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