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Dr. Jarrous - Cardiovascular Surgeon - After Armageddon Weight Loss - The best weight Loss DVD program for men and women - best exercise DVD programMeet Dr. Jarrous – Board Certified Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon and Armageddon Weight Loss success story.

Dr. Jarrous said, “In my opinion, the biggest problem is the multi billion dollar weight loss industry.  There are many programs including videos, supplements, and various programs that offer a quick fix for those suffering from unhealthy lifestyles.  These programs are often unsafe as they do not take into account the health history or ability of the individual.  They often offer a short term solutions that fail the individual for the long term.  This leads to frustration, continued poor health, and empty pockets!”

Dr. Jarrous on the diet and weight loss industry

“Most weight loss programs focus on either diet, pre-made meals, shakes, exercise only, or some kind of diet pill.  Armageddon Weight Loss offers a multidimensional and holistic approach to weight loss that is based on real scientific principles.  Armageddon focuses on the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, how to eat for long term results, and how to avoid poor eating habits.  In addition, Armageddon weight loss offers a structured exercise program that is tailored for each individual based on their weight, fitness level, and goals. “

Why you should make a change

As a cardiovascular surgeon with 15 years of experience in dealing with cardiovascular disease, obesity was a major contributor to cardiovascular disease.  Obese patients have a higher risk of complications and death post cardiovascular procedures.

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