What is DocScience and why your life literally depends on you knowing more about it

DocScience Definition

Docscience wellness programs are those that are taught by TEAMS of medical doctors, scientists, fitness experts and athletes COMBINED. DocScience is NOT a company brand and it is not owned by any company or anyone. It is a validation tool use to assess if a wellness program or service meets the effective level to deliver honest sustainable results to consumers.
The word “wellness” has been around since the 50s. And according to Wikipedia, Halbert L. Dunn MD began using the phrase “high level wellness” in the 50s. According to one dictionary’s definition of wellness; wellness is “an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases. The definition also emphasizes achieving this through deliberate effort.

Examining this definition, the primary intent of the word “wellness” was to be proactive and deliberate in implementing a preventative approach to health. While wellness may have been an effective word back in the 50s and perhaps even up to 10 years ago; today wellness is so tarnished as a word that it has become almost impossible to distinguish what the word stands for in a new society where there are mountains of “wellness programs” that do not deliver the intended mission of wellness.

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Beware of false and misleading unscientific claims. Stop wasting your money.

Misleading Marketing Practices
In a recent commercial by one popular national pharmacy they advertised visiting their wellness experts. Who would that be? The pharmacist? Over the last few years many employers are trying to implement wellness programs and are increasingly finding value with what they classify as their “wellness” program. Visiting the local gym, medical weight loss clinics, drugs, surgery, are often referred to as as a wellness programs. Healing touch, body wraps, shakes and supplements are increasingly using wellness to shape their marketing programs and to increase their profit margins.

A surgeon who has obviously had a little too much to drink.

The word “wellness” has become so overused that it is now meaningless. You can pretty much sell anything and claim that it is for your “wellness” or that it benefit your “wellness”

The need for a new word to define effective wellness

It appears that wellness is a nice “fluffy” way to promote just about any fad or gimmick without being held accountable. This makes it very difficult for consumers to quickly validate the effectiveness and safety of products or services being offered. Just think of the words “natural and all natural”; according to the US Food and Drugs Administration, the (FDA) does not have rules for “natural” labeling”…  “the lack of standards in most jurisdictions means that the term assures nothing. “. That is because of the many misleading marketing practices by the health and wellness industry that have made it almost impossible to assess what should be considered an “all-natural” product. For example, snake venom is all natural and that can kill you if not handled properly.
In other words, “wellness” has become so overused that it is now meaningless. The current state of the obesity and health epidemic is in dire need of the solid peer-reviewed hard science necessary to actually save lives, promote effective weight loss, fitness, and sustained health.

Why DocScience make sense?

Having a team consisting 22 different medical doctors, scientists, and fitness experts such as dietitians, physical therapists and champion athletes on our team, we felt that we did not want to be lumped with the other one dimensional programs that are currently on the market.

Why DocScience makes sense

According to Bruce Wayne, the creator of Armageddon Weight Loss “we tried for many years to come up with a terminology or word that would clearly define the difference between what we do and our competition”. Having a team consisting 22 different medical doctors, scientists, and fitness experts such as dietitians, physical therapists and champion athletes on our team, we felt that we did not want to be lumped with the other one dimensional programs that are currently on the market.

DocScience - A new type of wellness program - Armageddon Weight Loss - The best DVD program for women and men

We needed a new word or terminology that would describe what makes up our program and by saying that very word, we would immediately differentiate ourselves from other obsolete weight loss, fitness and health programs on the market. We wanted a word that once spoken would invalidate wellness programs that did not meet certain criteria. So for the first time ever use, ladies and gentlemen I present to you “DocScience”. Docscience wellness programs are those that are taught by a TEAM consisting of medical doctors, scientists, fitness experts and athletes COMBINED.

validity- DocScience - Armageddon Weight Loss DVD - The best weight loss DVD program for women and men - Best food addiction treatment programTesting the validity of Docscience for effectiveness

The next time you visit a gym and the personal trainer claims to have a wellness program, ask them if it is a Docscience program. The defense may be that they have a holistic program, or that their program is comprehensive. Digging deeper, this will most likely translate to mean that the person is playing all the roles all by themselves. The other defense might be that they have lots of different types of classes such as Zumba, yoga, and spin classes etc… Plus, they might even offer to provide you with a nutrition plan. Even in this case, so many essential pieces would still be missing such as; a team of doctors, scientists, most of the fitness experts required such as a psychologist or a registered dietitian. Therefore, the primary focus of these programs would be just an exercise or exercise and basic nutrition program. Which is highly unlikely to deliver SUSTAINED results.

Obesity is now classify as a disease; shouldn’t it actually be treated by a team of people who have studied and treated the many associated diseases? About 2/3 of American adults are overweight. In 2013 the total US healthcare spending hit 3.8 trillion dollar and is projected to grow to over 4 trillion for 2015!
Annual U.S. Healthcare Spending - Armageddon Weight Loss - The best weight DVD for woman and menCancers, heart disease, strokes and diabetes are on the rise; it is time that we implement a much more medical and scientific approach to address these complex issues. It is simply not sustainable for US health care costs to continue to rise. We must find a way to bend the cost-curve. It’s time to have some basic standard as to what an effective wellness program should include in order for it to have the baseline of ingredients to deliver reasonable sustainable results. It is time for Docscience to become the new standard foundation that wellness programs are built upon.

ineffective-leaders - product to avoid - substandard programsHow to quickly assess a wellness program

Use DocScience as the new word to define effective integrated holistic wellness programs. These consist of foundations build by teams of highly qualified experts working together synergistically to create a personalized program specifically designed for you. You will now have a better assurance that your Docscience program might actually work for a change!

With DocScience, the days of one-size-fit-all, one personal trainer, or one doctor who-knows-it-all wellness solutions are now obsolete.
How to validate if a program meets the basic qualification standard to be called a DocScience program?

According to Bruce Wayne, the originator of Docscience, in order for a wellness program to be considered a DocScience program it must have at least ACTIVE: 2 medical doctors, 2 scientists, 2 fitness experts (such as psychologist, dietitian, physical therapist) and at least 2 qualified athletes or personal trainers COMBINED!!!

Programs that are qualified to be called a Docscience Programs must meet the basic standard listed below.
Docscience- Armageddon Weight Loss - The best weight loss DVD for women and men

To clarify what is not a DocScience wellness program further… Simply having a doctor or a dietitian visiting your company a couple of times does not validate your program as a DocScience program. These individuals must be “actively” involved in your program and have made significant contributions in developing your program. Furthermore, these individuals must continue to provide ongoing support to further advance the medical and scientific knowledge provided to the end user… the client/employee… you.

DocScience is my gift to the world. BRUCE WAYNE

DocScience is my gift to the world. BRUCE WAYNE

Things to know:

DocScience is a terminology that is not exclusive to Armageddon Weight Loss. Thus, even though we are the pioneers/originators of this terminology specific to wellness; any company or wellness program is free to use this word provided that they meet this new standard designed to protect the public and give people a fighting chance to get healthy.

Over the course of the next several months we will continue to provide more updates about DocScience. Stick around and do give Armageddon Weight Loss a chance.

Bruce Wayne – DocScience originator and Creator of Armageddon Weight Loss