WHAT IS ARMAGEDDON WEIGHT LOSS FITNESS DVD PROGRAM? Our client lost more weight than any other fitness DVD program and more sustainable weight loss than any other weight loss TV show! Come experience the Armageddon Difference!

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Armageddon is a refreshingly honest  weight loss fitness program. The only program taught by 15 real scientists, doctors, fitness experts and champion athletes. If you only have time for just one thing today, please, please take an opportunity to view our testimonial video above.


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Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness DVD Program, the world’s largest weight loss fitness DVD program, was designed specifically to counteract  the overwhelming amount of fads and gimmicks on the market by providing a realistic approach to weight loss and fitness, firmly riveted in serious hard science. Armageddon is the ONLY weight loss fitness program on the market that consists of 15 highly qualified instructors and contributors including degreed scientists, doctors, champion athletes and fitness experts from multiple health and scientific disciplines all gathered under one roof to get you real sustainable results.

Get Real Results! Not Hollywood marketing gimmicks!

FACTS: Carlos achieved MORE sustainable weight loss than ANY other person featured on a fitness DVD program and he lost a higher percentage of body weight than the leading weight loss TV show. Plus, he did it in the real world, not at some Hollywood TV show fat camp! He also has five kids and a full time job! You live in the real world!  Get your results in the real world!  Don’t just lose weight, look amazing! 


When you purchase Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness DVD Program, the world’s largest weight loss fitness DVD program, you get all 14 hours of DVDs plus, numerous other components all for just one price, (one easy payment of $279.99 or 4 monthly payments of $69.99). GET $160 DISCOUNT RIGHT NOW!


Armageddon has three progressive levels.  Most fitness programs will claim to have beginner and intermediate workouts but most of these claims are after thoughts and just marketing pitches after they have already designed their products. Armageddon has three progressive levels – Thunder Edition, Then Lightning Edition and then you move on to Hurricane Edition. Each DVD series has three workout DVDs (Armageddon Hurricane has 4). You get them all for just one price. Plus, scroll down to view all the other components that come with your purchase. Too many to list in this sentence! There has never been a weight loss fitness DVD program that offers so much for such an affordable price, (one easy payment of $279.99 or 6 monthly payments of $46.99, or, ORDER NOW AND GET $160 DISCOUNT). This is because I honestly want to make sure you achieve true sustainable weight loss fitness results! – Bruce Wayne – 



Armageddon Thunder Series – Phase 1 (Included)

Armageddon Thunder Edition (Included)

  • 3 Workout DVDs

  • Workouts are from 46.16 minutes to 1 hours 11 minutes.

This video series consists of 3 workout videos that should last about 2 – 3 weeks for most beginners and intermediates fitness levels – Taught by Bruce Wayne, Armageddon Thunder workouts DVDs consists of basic biomechanics, strength training, cardio, flexibility, and nutrition to get you started.

    1. DVD 1 – Legs – Core – Yoga Stretch – Duration – 57.21 minutes
    2. DVD 2 – Chest – Triceps – Core – Yoga Stretch – Duration – 46:16 minutes
    3. DVD 3 -Back – Shoulders – Biceps – Core – Yoga Stretch – Duration 1 hour 11 minutes

The First True Progressive Fitness Program! Armageddon will take you through all phases of fitness. We don’t take you to  Armageddon Lightning  until you have finished Armageddon Thunder. Armageddon does a unique job of creating a program with exercises that are specifically designed to build on one another. This helps prevent injury and ultimately will enable you to get in better shape than you ever thought possible.

Armageddon Lightning Series – Phase 2 (included)

Armageddon Lightning Edition – (Included)

3 Workout DVDs

  • Biomechanics, strength training, cardio, flexibility, nutrition
  • Beginner and intermediate fitness levels
  • Lasts about 3-4 weeks for most beginner and intermediate fitness levels
  • Workouts DVDs are from 58 minutes to 1 hour 22 minutes.
  • This is where you kick it up a notch but not too fast! Armageddon is designed to be progressive so it will be challenging, but you can do it!

You will learn about health psychology and nutrition science while you are actually working out! What should you eat before, during and after your workout? This is a real eye opener!

  1. DVD 1 – Legs – Core – Yoga Stretch – Nutrition Science, more … Duration – 1 hour 16 Mins
  2. DVD 2 – Chest – Triceps – Core – Yoga Stretch – Nutrition Science – Duration – 58.07 Mins
  3. DVD 3 -Back – Shoulders – Core – Yoga Stretch, Nutrition Science – Duration – 1 hour 22 Mins

Armageddon Hurricane Series – Phase 3 (included)

Armageddon Hurricane Edition – (Included)

4 Workout DVDs

Prepare for the hurricane!

At 5 hours 21 minutes, Armageddon Hurricane by itself is larger than 98 % of all workout DVD programs on the market! There are only 3 workout DVD programs on the market that are larger but, they use a “one-size-fits-all” approach and are not truly personalized! Sure they may show you lot of DVDs but, what you are looking for is the total amount of content on the DVDs! We believe offering you lots of DVDs but with only a few minutes of actual content is misleading! With Armageddon you get 14 hours of DVDs, more than any other program, not marketing gimmicks!

About the workouts

These workouts will be challenging, but you will be ready if you have completed Armageddon Thunder and Lightning. Armageddon Hurricane is a full-on non-stop action workout series! You are gonna love it!

Don’t Forget that you get Thunder, Lightning, Hurricane and Armageddon Nutrition Science all included for just one price!

  1. Biomechanics, strength training, cardio, flexibility, nutrition, physics, biochemistry, psychology
  2. Beginner and intermediate fitness levels
  3. Lasts about 4-8 weeks for most beginner and intermediate fitness levels
  4. Workouts range from 1 hour 24 minutes to 2 hours. Yes, we did say 2 hours! This is the Hurricane!

 The knowledge contained in Armageddon Hurricane is very seldom known by most advance athletes or personal trainers. This is where you grow not just physically but  also intellectually. This is where you learn how to apply the physics, biochemistry, nutrition science, exercise science, behavioral modification techniques, and so much more!

4 DVD Workout Videos –

    1. DVD 1 – Legs – Core – Hot Yoga – Nutrition Science more… Duration – 1 H – 35 Mins
    2. DVD 2 -Chest – Triceps – Core – Hot Yoga – Nutrition, more.. Duration – 1 H – 51 Mins
    3. DVD 3 & 4 -Back, Shoulders – Biceps – Core – Hot Yoga – more… Duration -2 Hs – 5 Mins

Armageddon Nutrition DVDs – (Included)

3 Nutrition DVDs & More…

  • Armageddon Personalized meal plan
  • Armageddon Grocery Shopping List
  • **Must complete Fitness Protocol Form – Over 2.5 hours of basic and advance nutrition taught by our Clinical Registered Dietitian. Even if you think you know how to eat already you will learn so much more! You also get a personalized meal plan for weight loss and toning. Once you complete your purchase we will send you a registration link. Simply fill in our Fitness Protocol Form online and we will design and select the best nutrition plan that fits your goals.

Customized Nutrition Guide (Included)

Armageddon Nutrition Guides are not all the same. Your guide is selected based on yours pecific nutrition requirements! 

The Last Line of Defense – (216 pages) This is the nutrition that Carlos used to lose over 238 pounds! Written by BruceWayne and our Armageddon Dietitians this nutrition guide is a must have! Armaeddon Nutrition Guide is designed to teach you in 60 days how to lose weight and keep it off.   This guide has helped numerous clients truly learn how to change their behavior and how to eat properly.  Honestly you will lose more weight and will learn how to eat correctly for the rest of your life! – Must complete Fitness Protocol Form

Armageddon Personalized Cardio – (Included)

  • Personalized cardio plan – **Must complete online Fitness Protocol Form

Unlike most Workout  DVD programs on the market that send you a one size fits all cardio plan; when you purchase Armageddon we also select the best cardio program that fits your goals. Simply fill in your fitness protocol form online and we will design/select the right cardio plan to help you exceed your expectations.

Armageddon Yoga Stretch – (Included)

Armageddon Yoga stretch DVDs – 2 hours 15 minutes worth of yoga stretch throughout series including Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. Armageddon Yoga Stretch is incorporated in all your workout videos so that you will learn how to stretch for longer leaner muscles and develop greater flexibility. This will also help to reduce and prevent sport injuries and muscles soreness.

Sports Injury Prevention – (Included)

**Included in Armageddon Alpha Series Guide**

Taught by Dr. Hinkle, Armageddon Physical Therapist Consultant, Dr. Hinkle will provide you with a concrete series of topic, tips, and techniques that will help you to practice a safer approach to fitness.

The Science of Weight Loss – (Included)

Armageddon Getting Started Guide – Book 

Must complete Fitness Protocol Form – By now you might be thinking, wow, that is a whole lot of stuff. Yes, it is! Therefore, it’s important that you have a guide to help you move effectively and with great precision through Armageddon World. This is why you will need Armageddon Alpha Series Guide.



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Today your old world ends! Welcome to your new world… Armageddon World!