An interview with Dr. Mary Maida – PhD Neuroscience on best weight loss programs for women and Weight loss tips.     We asked one of our most respected Neuroscientist, Dr. Mary Maida PhD, who is also an Armageddon Weight Loss Program success story to provide some very valuable weight loss tips for women and men. With so many fads and gimmicks on the market focusing on how to lose weight fast, fast weight loss plans or claims of how to lose cellulite fast; we wanted to know her thoughts about what makes a weight loss DVD program the best weight loss program.

We wanted a general overview not just for men but the best weight loss programs for women as well. We also wanted to get her to address some of the psychological components specific the phenomenon regarding the need to do everything fast in our culture including weigh loss workout planning. What is up with the need to lose weight fast or get rid of cellulite fast, what ever happened to delayed gratification and do we still value this quality in our current society.

Here is what Dr. Maida had to say.

1.       What is your full name and area of expertise?
Dr. Mary Maida, Molecular Neuroscience

2.       What is the biggest problem face when it comes to weight loss?
Patience, direction, and consistency.   We live in a sound-bite world that, I believe, increasingly hinders our ability to stay focused.  We’ve become accustomed to lightning fast technologies that allow us access to information and all forms of entertainment – from video gaming, to movie streaming to purchasing goods and services with a few keystrokes.

We’re impatient with just about anything or anyone that slows us down, or has the potential to do so.  Instant gratification & instant results… that’s the name of the game that has so many people entrapped.   We tend to dismiss the notion that anything good is worth working for or waiting for.

Sharon - best weight loss program, how to lose weight fast, how to lose cellulite fast, weight loss programs for women, exercise DVDWe forget the unchanging law of Mother Nature:  plant. …T…I…M….E…..harvest.   What we tend to go for is plant, harvest.   That’s why we see so many ‘silver bullet’ supplements that promise miraculous fat or carb blocking actions and sensational weight loss.  If it doesn’t work right away, we ditch in favor of the next miracle cure.  We expect the result of weight loss without putting forth the effort, but what we really end up losing is a lot of money.

Second, there’s a difference between intention and direction.  Intention is a thought…direction implies a vision and action.   I can intend to go to the beach.  But unless I have a plan – a direction – for getting there, I’m not likely to be successful.

Corrie - best weight loss program, how to lose weight fast, how to lose cellulite fast, weight loss programs for womenThe Armageddon program provides comprehensive day-by-day direction that will take you from where you’re starting to where you want to be.  And if you stay on the path the program lays out for you personally, you will indeed get there.   Don’t try to take short cuts or detours.  You’ll get to your goal faster if you adhere to the directions that were designed specifically for you personally

Third, we’re not aiming for perfection so much as excellence in our daily living and daily choices.  This takes consistency in our thinking and in our actions.   Elite athletes and musicians sometimes refer to this as “planned neglect”, i.e., if I want to play 1st violin for a philharmonic orchestra, then I have to give up something in order to carve out the time needed to practice and get me to the point of being a virtuoso.

If I want to be an Olympian, I am going to be consistent in practicing my sport, to the neglect of other things that may be enjoyable, but that won’t get me to what I want to accomplish.   Reforming unhealthy habits, losing weight, and gaining strength and energy are no different.  Consistency yields excellence.

You give yourself the gift of all 3 – developing patience, direction, and consistency – with Armageddon weight loss.


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