Amy is a 55 year old Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner who is constantly on the run. As you can imagine Amy has have seen her fair share of what happens when you don’t invest carefully in your health. Amy has expressed that she tried may other programs such as P90X and P90X 2 and expressed that she found these types of workout program “impossible to do them” .  She said “I think I likely injured a Rotator Cuff while doing P90X plyometric push ups on medicine balls”. I also found Insanity plyometircs workouts every day to be difficult on my joints”. Part of Amy’s goal in choosing Armageddon was to get rid of her muffin top, get toned and “prevent long term illness or injury”. Today, Amy is in amazing shape. Muffin top gone!  She is now constantly hiking up some mountain or involved in some sort of physical activity. Keep going Amy. Job well done the Armageddon Way!

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