I decided to work with Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness Program because I am a scientist, and as such I believe in science as the true method of providing people the chance to enjoy a better life. What I liked from this company was to know that their main goal is to give people a real opportunity to learn good evidence based science that will give them a fair chance to become healthier and also to prevent diseases.

Dr VineuzaDr. Vinueza – Medical Doctor & Neuroscience PhD scholar

Dr. Vinueza will be helping us to advance our understanding about human brain function so that we can more effectively build and improve our scientific understanding about weight loss, fitness and wellness.

What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is the study of the development, structure and function of the nervous system, with a special focus on the brain and its role in behavior and cognitive functions. Also referred to as Neural Science, Neuroscience seeks to understand not only how the nervous system functions normally, but also what goes wrong in neurodevelopmental, psychiatric and neurological disorders. Multidisciplinary in nature, the field of Neuroscience spans the structure, function, evolution, development, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, circuitry and pathology of the nervous system. Therefore, neuroscience integrates biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, psychology, and computer science. It is one of the most rapidly advancing fields in biomedical research.